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Address :

 393/1 Thiruvuttiyur High Road,

 Near Ajax Bus Terminus,

 Chennai 600 019

  +91 44 2573 0099

  +91 73581 73783

  +91 73581 73783


Aakash Cardiac Care is a unit of Aakash Hospital which has grown from a 5 bed hospital in 2005 to a 120 bed hospital. The hospital is dedicated towards providing quality health care. Through dedication and hard work it is now known as the best hospital in North Chennai. One of the primary reason for its setup is to avoid long travel in traffic by patients so that early intervention and quality care can be provided in time for fastest recovery.




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Aakash Cardiac Care is a unit of Aakash Hospital. Aakash Hospital has strived to continuously provide quality care for residents of North Chennai in the last decade. It is a fully equipped 120 bed hospital with a wide range of facilities to ensure the comfort of our patients from all walks of life. Cleanliness is maintained from begining to end of each floor and on every floor of the hospital. It is fitted with the latest technological equipments for faster diagnosis in an aim to start early treatment for best care, immediate treatment and quick cure. It has emerged as the best hospital, for all needs, for all of North Chennai.