Interventional Radiology

Vascular/Interventional Radiology is a subspecialty of radiology encompassing procedures performed using imaging guidance such as fluoroscopy, CT and ultrasound to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions. Because diagnostic imaging and interventional techniques can eliminate the need for more invasive and costly exploratory surgery, these special procedures help reduce patient recovery time, with results that are equal or superior to those experienced through more invasive procedures.

Interventional radiologists use their expertise in reading x-rays, ultrasounds and other medical images to guide small instruments such as catheters (tubes that measure just a few millimeters in diameter) through the blood vessels or other pathways to treat disease percutaneously (through the skin).

All interventional procedures are performed at Aakash hospital state-of- the-art vascular lab.

Interventional procedures

Angiography refers to real-time X-rays of arteries or veins following the injection of contrast material, which makes the vessels clearly visible under imaging. The contrast material is delivered through a thin catheter (tube) into a particular blood vessel and shows the inside of the vessel, allowing the interventional radiologist to locate the vessels which are diseased, narrowed, enlarged or occluded. Angiography is the primary method used to guide many interventional radiology procedures in the circulatory system, including angioplasty, embolisation and targeted delivery of chemotherapy.


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